Many people have asked the question: What is the meaning of THRU?

THRU. is a positive endeavor that is focused on the inspirational movement to remind and show everyone that anything is possible and anyone can be someone. No matter what obstacle is put in front of you, we will Push THRU. We will Fight THRU. And we will Conquer THRU.

We don't stop, we do better and keep moving forward!

Our mission is to raise awareness and change lives. We want to share your stories and words of wisdom to those who are going through the same obstacles, We express passion in all of our actions so that we can be motivated to accomplish our goals every day. And we want everyone to feel that way.  Whether the journey be difficult or simple, just remember, you will always make it THRU.

Tell your story and what you been THRU.

Join The Movement

THRU. you, we can make a difference!