How did you get THRU it?

We all encounter so many different obstacles in our lives. Whether it be difficult or simple, we always get THRU it! These stories below may be able to add motivation into your life just by feeling the moment as you read it. We are all in this world together and we should all inspire one another to become better within ourselves. We can spread the peace and love so that everyone can be happy. Relate to these stories as we learn from them in order to grow as a person. THRU you, we can be the difference and the change into a happier lifestyle. Leave a comment below with a story or a moment in your life and tell us how you got THRU it.


  • Kevin

    THRU is my motivation all 2019!!
    Keep doing it big ✊🏽

  • Life is sometimes a series of unfortunate events…That being said, you can always find the good in everything, whether it’s a person, a moment that changed your life, or a journey. I personally grew up in not the best household: parents were cheating on each other, got bullied, parents got divorced, my best friend passed away, etc. But, if you flip It, it’s my parents have feelings too, I became stronger and learned to listen to myself, I now have 2 separate families who I love so dearly now instead of having a small careless immediate family, and now I’m carrying on my best friend’s legacy to do what I know she would have wanted me to do. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and that things fall apart in order for things to fall in place. From these moments, I found the good even in the worst possibilities. Yes, you can still have bad days, but it’s always important to find the good. Everyone is so focused on the negative aspects so just stop and think, what are you thankful for? What good things are happening in your life? Together, we can get thru It.


  • TJ

    A life is a series of moments that are collected to tell a story. These are the moments that create a huge impact on your life that could either change you for the better or for the worse. You can’t have the moment once it’s gone, so why not embrace these moments with passion and love. As you incorporate each moment into the chapters of your life, you learn a lesson. You learn from your mistakes. You meet new people who will teach you and advise you. The people who embark on their journey of life that learn from these lessons will do many great things, meet many great people, and will create such powerful moments that the conscious mind will never forget.
    Someone asked me a common question the other day. He asked me “what is YOUR meaning of life?” He emphasized the “your.” It really caught my attention this time around because I have recently been thinking about that question. My answer was this: My life is about the journey, not destination. And on that journey we call life, we seek feelings in people, places, and objects. We encounter challenges in our life but I believe that we hoist the power of energy and dedication to overcome those obstacles in our journey. We learn from our mistakes and then teach it so that someone else will learn too and apply it to their life. Once the lesson has been learned, it’s history and knowledge stored. Bringing the negative and sad moments back in our thoughts can really be haunting. So, why dwell on the past? We should bask in the moments that make us feel great and happy inside. That’s what life’s about. It’s about those experiences you have with your family, friends, and the world that allow you to learn and grow within yourself and as a person. People think that life is about going to school, getting a degree, getting a 9-5 job, etc. Yes all that is great, but it moves so fast that they forget to explore and see what this beautiful universe has to offer. If we become more observant to the little things, you start to feel more grateful about being alive. It’s absolutely incredible. And no matter what, we always stay positive because there is no greater super human power than the energy you receive from making someone else happy when they needed it the most. We will all find our way in life because we as human beings are designed with a natural instinct to survive. That is why we should explore many places of the world to really know what this universe has to offer. Everyone is so majestic with their own different talents. We have grown so much as human beings in creating this world to be grand. We have roads that connect us from my house all the way to your house, where ever you may live. We have airplanes that travel across the continents. It’s so awesome that we are capable of doing so many things in our lives. I’m so grateful for that because 200 years ago, that wasn’t possible. We should all manifest and embrace the power of the universe while you embark on your journey because it will teach you so much, love you with all its heart, and guide you THRU any obstacles in your life.

    So now I ask you to think about this same question because I am truly interested in what you have to say.

    - TJ

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